Intersection (Night Shade)

By Robert Rauschenberg SKU:304173

Robert Rauschenberg's "Intersection (Night Shade)," painted in 1964, is a standout work that exemplifies his artistic innovation. This piece captures his distinctive approach of blending elements from painting and sculpture. "Intersection" employs a striking use of materials, incorporating a real traffic sign. This audacious merger of found objects and traditional art challenges norms, reflecting Rauschenberg's avant-garde spirit. Through its tangible urban references and dynamic composition, the artwork invites contemplation on the collision of artistic disciplines and the intersection of the ordinary with the extraordinary.

69 cm

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Title: “”Exploring Robert Rauschenberg’s Intersection (Night Shade) from 1964″”

Year Painted: 1964

Robert Rauschenberg’s artistic prowess shines brilliantly in “”Intersection (Night Shade),”” a masterpiece painted in 1964. This artwork is a testament to his trailblazing fusion of mediums, encapsulating the essence of his avant-garde philosophy that challenged traditional artistic norms.

“”Intersection (Night Shade)”” stands as a pivotal work in Rauschenberg’s career, exemplifying his unparalleled ability to merge elements of painting and sculpture. The year 1964 marked a juncture of innovation in the art world, and Rauschenberg was at the forefront of this revolution. The canvas, like a portal to a new artistic dimension, incorporates a real traffic sign—a powerful emblem of urban life’s bustling energy.

By ingeniously integrating found objects into his creations, Rauschenberg sparked conversations about the boundaries of art and the essence of creativity. “”Intersection”” speaks a language of juxtaposition, where the ordinary is elevated to the extraordinary through the artist’s discerning lens. The collision of textures, colors, and materials mirrors the collision of ideas and disciplines in the art world during that time.

Rauschenberg’s “”Intersection (Night Shade)”” echoes the urban landscape, inviting viewers to contemplate the harmonious discord of metropolitan life. Its layers reveal a profound narrative—a story of a changing society and the artist’s role as a visionary observer. The painting becomes a microcosm of the urban intersection, where various elements coalesce, diverge, and harmonize in a symphony of chaos and order.

The painting’s significance lies not only in its innovative composition but also in its lasting impact on modern art. Rauschenberg’s audacious approach challenged artists to question established norms and embrace the unconventional. “”Intersection”” continues to inspire new generations, a testament to its timeless relevance and the mark it left on the evolution of artistic expression.

In the ever-evolving narrative of art history, “”Intersection (Night Shade)”” remains a signpost—a marker of Rauschenberg’s indelible contribution to the art world’s intersection of tradition and experimentation. Through its compelling marriage of materials and ideas, the painting urges us to reflect on the intersection of creativity and reality, leaving an enduring legacy that resonates far beyond its physical canvas.

Original size:
124.5 x 215.9 cm (width x height)
Minimal order width:
40 cm
Maximum order width:
122 cm

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