Murmurs (Illegal Tender L.A.)

By Robert Rauschenberg SKU:304168

Robert Rauschenberg's ""Murmurs (Illegal Tender L.A.),"" painted in 1991, holds a distinct allure. This artwork converges Rauschenberg's hallmark blend of collage and paint, offering a glimpse into his mastery. Through layers of imagery, textures, and colors, ""Murmurs"" captures the zeitgeist of its time while inviting personal interpretation. Created in 1991, it reflects Rauschenberg's seasoned expertise and his ability to evoke both social commentary and personal resonance. The painting's amalgamation of media and themes renders it an extraordinary piece, emblematic of Rauschenberg's impact on modern art's trajectory.

55 cm

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Title: Robert Rauschenberg’s “”Murmurs (Illegal Tender L.A.)””
Year Painted: 1984

Robert Rauschenberg’s “”Murmurs (Illegal Tender L.A.)””, painted in 1984, stands as a remarkable testament to the artist’s innovative spirit and mastery of mixed media. This iconic artwork encapsulates Rauschenberg’s distinctive style that transcends traditional boundaries, fusing elements of painting, collage, and assemblage.

Rauschenberg, a trailblazer of the American Neo-Dada movement, garnered acclaim for his boundary-pushing approach to art, and “”Murmurs (Illegal Tender L.A.)”” is a prime example of his avant-garde vision. This piece features a captivating blend of found objects, photographs, and paint on canvas, symbolizing Rauschenberg’s inclination to incorporate the mundane into his art, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The title “”Murmurs (Illegal Tender L.A.)”” hints at the underlying narrative within the artwork. Through a juxtaposition of imagery ranging from Hollywood icons to political motifs, Rauschenberg creates a visual dialogue that critiques and questions societal norms. The work’s intricate layers invite viewers to decode its symbolism, provoking thought and discourse.

The year 1984 marked a significant juncture in Rauschenberg’s career. By this point, he had already established himself as a pioneering force, having garnered attention for his “”Combines”” series and collaborative endeavors with artists like Jasper Johns. “”Murmurs (Illegal Tender L.A.)”” marked a continuation of his exploration into the realm of mixed media, showcasing his ability to seamlessly merge diverse elements into a harmonious whole.

This painting’s significance also lies in its representation of the 1980s art scene, a period defined by its diversity and experimentation. Rauschenberg’s work during this time mirrored the cultural shifts and socio-political dialogues of the era. “”Murmurs (Illegal Tender L.A.)”” encapsulates the essence of this dynamic period, making it a crucial piece in discussions about art history and cultural evolution.

In essence, Robert Rauschenberg’s “”Murmurs (Illegal Tender L.A.)”” is a testament to artistic innovation, a representation of its creator’s avant-garde spirit, and a mirror reflecting the cultural milieu of its time. Its thought-provoking amalgamation of materials and ideas cements its place as an enduring masterpiece, inviting viewers to explore its depths and engage in the conversations it continues to inspire.

Original size:
58.4 x 80 cm (width x height)
Minimal order width:
40 cm
Maximum order width:
122 cm

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