Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum

By Vincent van Gogh SKU:40521

Vincent Van Gogh's "Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum" is an iconic painting that captures the essence of his unique art style. Painted in 1888, it depicts a cozy café illuminated by warm lamplight in Arles, France. The original dimensions of the painting are approximately 81.0 cm (height) by 65.5 cm (width). What makes this artwork special is Van Gogh's masterful use of vibrant colors and expressive brushstrokes, conveying a sense of emotional intensity. The composition, with its contrasting hues and dynamic perspectives, invites viewers into a moment of tranquil contemplation amidst the bustling nightlife, making it an enduring masterpiece.

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Vincent Van Gogh’s “Café Terrace on the Place du Forum” is a beautifully detailed painting that brings to life the vibrant atmosphere of a café in Arles, France at night. This piece was completed in 1888 during Van Gogh’s stay in Arles, a period that many consider to be one of his most creative and productive.

This particular painting stands out because it was one of the first in which he used a nighttime background. This was a bold move because night scenes were generally avoided by painters due to the difficult lighting conditions. Despite the technical challenges, Van Gogh managed to capture the scene in stunning detail, with vibrant blues and yellows depicting the café’s outdoor terrace under the night sky.

The painting is done in the post-impressionist style, a movement Van Gogh is well-known for. Post-Impressionism developed as a reaction to Impressionism, but instead of focusing on capturing the fleeting effects of light and color, it emphasized a more subjective and emotional approach to painting. In “Café Terrace on the Place du Forum”, you can see the hallmarks of this style in the thick, textured brushstrokes and the expressive use of color.

“Café Terrace on the Place du Forum” is also special because some art historians believe that it was inspired by the Last Supper as described in the New Testament of the Bible. The central figure in the white coat is thought to represent Jesus, while the shadowy figure departing into the dark street could symbolize Judas. The other 10 people represent the remaining apostles. However, this interpretation remains speculative, as Van Gogh himself did not confirm these symbols in his letters.

Furthermore, this painting marks the beginning of a series of artworks that Van Gogh created featuring night scenes, such as “Starry Night Over the Rhone” and the world-renowned “The Starry Night.”

In conclusion, “Café Terrace on the Place du Forum” is not only an exquisite representation of Van Gogh’s unique style and skill but also a testament to his innovative spirit and his ability to imbue scenes of everyday life with profound emotion and symbolic meaning.

Original size:
65.5 x 81 cm (width x height)
Art style:
Minimal order width:
40 cm
Maximum order width:
181 cm

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